Penis enlargement at home

Any man, regardless of age, whether the teenager is 12 (13-14) or over 40, wants to increase the size of the penis. Penis enlargement is possible in several ways, but keep in mind that even with surgery, it will not be possible to radically enlarge the male organ. Video lessons that can be found on the Internet mainly talk about how to increase the length and size of the penis and build self-confidence with home remedies.

measure the penis before enlargement using the banana example

How to enlarge the penis at home, is it possible to achieve a maximum increase of masculinity by 5 cm, how long should a man wait for the result, and what tool can be considered universal for the home? This is described in detail in the article, as well as in photo and video materials with men's opinions and expert comments.

Physical or psychological problem: how to understand a man

The penis is the main organ of a man, it is impossible to argue that the size and performance of the penis is more important than material wealth or social status. This is an undeniable fact, and men whose penises (in their opinion) do not reach the desired size often develop serious psychological discomfort.

Gradually, dissatisfaction with his reproductive organs becomes a serious problem, the man loses confidence in his abilities, does not value self-esteem properly, daily self-eating leads to gradual self-destruction.

Penis enlargement methods are specially developed by specialists for such men who want to enlarge their penis and restore self-confidence. But before recommending how to enlarge the penis, doctors will try to determine whether it is necessary for a man to lengthen (lengthen) or add volume to the penis, to what extent it is physiologically appropriate for the average, or whether it is a short whim. standards invented (or set by advertising).

So what can be considered the "gold standard" for the penis in men? The infamous average is 14 cm or "applied" 25, although the latter option, strangely enough, scares more women than it attracts, but nevertheless, the popularity of penis enlargement methods is growing every year.

How to increase penis size and is it possible to achieve penis enlargement at home? How effective these or other methods are, how to apply them properly, whether it is easy with your own hands and how to grow a penis at home - more on that later.

Anatomical aspects: understanding your body

The main feature of the penis in men can be considered its increased sensitivity to any external stimuli, another proven anatomical fact is the ability of the penis to "adjust" to the size of the partner's vagina. It should be borne in mind that it must be permanent.

What does this mean? Experts say that a penis large enough with a narrow vagina can "lose weight" to penetrate the "sanctity of saints", but does this mean that a small penis can gradually adapt to the large size of a woman's vagina? real and what procedures or video tutorials help you realize penis enlargement at home?

In this case, doctors are forced to express the existing psychological problem and advise the man to consult a psychotherapist, as this may indicate neurosis (stress, problems at work) or serious disagreements in the family at home.

We analyze all methods of growth

However, if a man has not stopped wanting to enlarge his penis, the idea has long "matured" and his decision is not controversial, the doctor can recommend the most rational methods of penis enlargement at home. Often it is a combination of several options, including massage, creams, ointments, pumps, weights, as well as the old folk method (herbs).

In fact, there are only two ways to increase membership:

  • methods of growing at home.
  • Surgically in the hospital.

The latter option should not be considered as a way to enlarge the penis quickly, in addition, there should be medical indications for surgery, not only the desire to increase the size and volume of the man's phallus by another centimeter. Opinions of patients and doctors show that surgery will not give 3-5 cm, the maximum you can rely on is 1-1, 5 cm.

Today, home remedies for men are especially popular, with the help of which you can increase the size of the penis, stretch, add volume, or force the blood to flow at the right time if the erection is not stable enough.

To independently understand all the nuances of using this or that method, it is necessary not only to read the paper version of the instructions, but also to watch a thematic video that details how to enlarge the penis and how to quickly increase sensitivity. , and how the phallus will ideally grow when using different options. used at home.

The most popular and effective methods:

  1. Penis enlargement massage at home.
  2. Jelqing.
  3. Weights (weights).
  4. Special devices (extension, vacuum pump).
  5. Cosmetics (penis enlargement spray, ointment, gel).

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is advisable to learn about each of them from a specialist or watch thematic videos. If the man ignores the important aspects of the use of methods at home, as well as does not take into account the contraindications, the extension and volume will not be complete.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything you need to know

At the urologist's appointment, men often ask questions about how it is really possible to enlarge the genitals at home (3-5 cm or more) and how long the effect will last (days, weeks, years). This is especially true for medications, folk remedies, and dietary supplements.

What is the most effective way?

Doctors can't give an exact answer, it all depends on what effect the man wants to achieve (prolong or increase the volume). How well he follows all the recommendations. As a rule, a more stable result is obtained in the combination of mechanical methods and external agents.

When can we expect the result?

The use of ointments, creams, sprays or gels is usually intended for short-term effects. The result will be noticeable after a few minutes of application and the effect lasts up to 2-3 hours.

However, mechanical devices will give results in 2-3 weeks, but will maintain a lasting effect.

Will the effect be greater if you use all home remedies?

No, you can't use the "thirteen methods" at the same time, it can cause irreparable damage, and you can get the opposite effect instead of enlarging the penis.

Is it acceptable to enlarge a penis at the age of 14?

You should not do this, because it is likely to disrupt the natural growth and formation of the genitals.

Is it possible to increase the penis forever at home?

This is possible because most of the methods are aimed not only at how to increase blood flow to the penis, but also to achieve a stable result.

A properly stretched and voluminous limb retains its shape forever, the main thing is to do everything with enviable stability and patience, watch video lessons, follow all the recommendations of the urologist.